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A taste of tradition 06/08/2017 (TNB)

  • Barolo Ravera 2007 (F. Roddolo) Not the familiar Ravera but rather "Ravera di Monforte", which is possibly why the vineyard appears in a tiny font. Whatever, this is the real thing, fragrant tar and roses but a touch of the earth. A little rustic, one might say, yet I feel that is what gives it the sense of being an entirely traditional wine. At first, slightly dull and possibly a bit reductive; a day later it looks and drinks its best. Really good - the sort of wine that is fast disappearing from the planet. ****
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Recent wines 05/08/2017 (TNB)

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A taste of tradition 06/08/2017 (TNB)

Recent wines 05/08/2017 (TNB)