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Richard's wines of the year 18/12/2003 RJB

This has been another relatively quiet year for me. Or at least the final half year has been in particular. I am pleased though that claret has been rather more prevalent than in 2002. But to start with fizz - as is often the way - Dom Perignon 1985 restored my faith in DP and was a clear winner for my fizz of the year although technically I had it in 2002, just too late for last year's WOTY.

My top white wine of the year was Wiltinger Braune Kupp Riesling Spatlese 1989 (Egon Muller). This is possibly not as great a wine as one might expect for a WOTY, but so classic and youthful for what it is that it deserves its place. Gewurztraminer Clos des Capucins 1999 (Domaine Weinbach) comes a close second.

Of the reds, claret was king. Three wines from 1982 rank very highly: Gruaud Larose, Cos and Mouton. It would depend on  my mood which I would pick. But in general, the Cos is the classical one, and the Mouton is the one that feels youngest and in need of time. The Gruaud is somewhere in between. Would I rather though have Chateau d'Issan 1959, or Chateau Brane-Cantenac 1961? Yes I think I probably would - the extra maturity giving them the edge. However, I don't need to make a decision between all these fine wines. Chateau Margaux 1983 comes to my rescue and clearly gets my red WOTY.

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