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Bordeaux at Oddbins 25/04/2004 TNB

I tasted an interesting mixture of Bordeaux wines at an Oddbins tasting recently. A few second wines from 2000 were worth good ** scores but it was easy to spot the top wine lurking in among them: Duhart Milon Rothschild 2000 is lovely, mineral Claret. The second flight were a mixture of slightly older wines. Leoville Poyferre 1994 stood out because it absolutely oozed class. Malescot St Expury 1995 was decent enough and Pontensac 1996 was a voice from the past: meaty wine with a varnishy shoe-polish nose that is beginning to make an interesting drink if lacking the fineness of the Poyferre. We finished with Rayne-Vignau 1988, Sauternes from a top vintage that was drinking really nicely.

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