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One night, two dinners 15/07/2004 (RJB)

Having got a baby sitter, Shelley and I wandered down to the rather grandly named Quayside area of Cambridge to get something to eat. This is a mixture of restaurant chains and independents, although I notice that the independent tapas bar has closed down whilst La Tasca (a national tapas chain) is going strong. Why it is going strong is a mystery. We went there, sat at a table we couldn't get both chairs square at, and got served some pretty poor food: chunks of soggily fried 'patatas' in a tomato sauce; meat in what tasted not dissimilar to a commercial mushroom soup; and chorizo swimming in a quarter inch of oil. It was so awful that we left pretty quickly (leaving the rather warm red wine behind) and went to find something else to eat. Fortunately a Japanese noodle and sushi bar called Teriyaki wasn't very far away. Good grilled scallops and a couple of large bowls of noodles later we felt a lot better.

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