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It's a mad, mad market 10/06/2004 (TNB)

We drank some interesting things at a tasting of wines from "extreme vineyards", presented by Martin Jones of Oddbins. The notes probably speak for themselves. I do wonder though who is paying close to 40 quid for the Petaluma Tiers Chardonnay - a price that would get you a good Corton Charlemagne, and who is forking out 30 for a Scotchmans Hill Pinot Noir which though perfectly drinkable isn't remotely in the league of the sort of good premier cru Burgundies from good producers that one can get for the money. It's all very odd.

And its not just the Ozzies that are suffering from this sort of inflation. Thackeray's Orion at least has a track record although I think it wouldn't really tempt me at half the 60 pounds that seems to be what it sells for. And then we have what I think is the first or second vintage of a prestige bottling of Grenache from Rousillon, La Petite Siberie at 90 pounds. Yes, 90 pounds. Again, a pretty good wine, but is this really a good buy at a premium over Rayas?

I suppose the good side of all this is that it soaks up a lot of cash and keeps the heat out of the market for real wine.

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