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Disappointing Burgundy 05/11/2004 (TNB)

I was browsing in the UK Wine Forum and came accross somebody remarking (as somebody seems to once every few weeks) that they had spent a lot of money on Red Burgundy and been disappointed by a large proportion of it.

I wonder why? I don't myself often open bottles of the stuff I don't like. I wonder where the complainers are getting their wine? One does need to get it from a good merchant who knows the region. The chains and supermarkets are generally no good, probably because most of the better wines are made in tiny quantities and so they fall back on the negociants. Mind you even most of those are in fact turning out decent stuff these days.

Of course, Burgundy is different and I suspect a palate trained on modern "blockbusters" may find some of the wines hard to appreciate despite the fact that they are in a sense more "fruit driven" (to use a horrible phrase) than the wines of many Old World regions.

In any case, I find that money spent on Burgundy with a specialist merchant provides more consistent pleasure than most other wines!

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