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The wine group again 31/10/2005 (TNB)

The most interesting thing was a lovely bottle of old sherry with a loose neck tag claiming "bottled 1852 Bell Rennie". Whatever it was it was a delightful aetherial old thing. Also splendid was Palmela Superior 1918 from J.M. de Fonseca: not something I know much about - it seemed like an old Moscatel de Setubal, which is from the same area. Cos d'Estournel 70 showed its class too, as one might expect.

A flight of wines from Priorato was more problematic, to me at least. Perhaps I just don't get these wines but they seem so overwrought and lacking balance and elegance. Doubtless I'll taste something one day that will wake me up to the wines from this area, but for now I'm a bit dubious especially because they are far from cheap.

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