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The ups and downs of mushroom hunting 06/05/2006 (RJB)

We got a trampoline for the children last year - we placed it at the back of the garden with bark chippings underneath and log roll around the outside. It's a bit of a pain to mow around, but yesterday that was all forgiven: wild mushrooms were growing in the long grass and stinging nettles around the log roll, and a few underneath the trampoline. Now I'm not very brave when it comes to picking and then eating my own mushrooms, but when the mushrooms in question look suspiciously like morels it's worth doing some research. And morels they are (proably Morchella conica of some sort rather than Morchella esculenta). And having convinced myself with the use of the internet and several books that I'd made a sound identification I cooked some with bacon and creme fraiche. Wonderful. And I'm also drying a few for future use and keeping my eye on some youngsters that I hope to be able to pick soon. The good news is that this should now be an annual occurence for a while. Wild mushrooms? More like domestic mushrooms.

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